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August 6, 2021 | Just a Few Things

August 6, 2021 | Just a Few Things

Welcome to this week's edition of Just a Few Things, where I share just a few things from that week that have inspired, motivated, interested or (insert whatever adjective you'd like here) me during that week.

Why do these? Because we often find inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Maybe you'll see something in this week's edition that will spur you to action or maybe you'll be moved to share a thing or two from your week with me!

And if you're thinking... what does this have to do with flags? Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with flags. Combat Flags has always been about more than flags - it's about community, sharing ideas and constant improvement. Unusual, right?

Let's get to it:

How am I reading these books?
Remember last week when I said I'm on a mission to read 1 book per week this year? Well, about half a dozen people reached out after last week's Just a Few Things saying they'd love to read more, but can't afford to purchase books as often as they'd like. And I'm right there with you/them. Books are expensive, and if you love (or even remotely like) to read, it can be expensive to buy a book.

Luckily, I use an app called Libby and pair it with my Kindle. In order to use Libby you'll need a library card - or e-library card - for you local library. The good news is your tax dollars cover the library, so getting a card should be free. Once you have it, download Libby (also free), plug in your library card number and boom, you're good to go.

Like I said, my Libby is linked to my Kindle, which lets me "check out" a book on Libby and have it sent directly to my Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry, you can read directly through Libby on whatever device you're using.

What's one lesson from the week?
This one is more for me to reflect on... and after that reflection, my biggest lesson from the week is this: Don't let other people chirp in my ear.
Everyone has advice and "you've got todo's," and I'm certain they give those suggestions from a good place, but they don't seem the entire picture... they've only got a small piece of it.

So, I've been telling myself to take advice into consideration as a potential solution to a portion of whatever I'm seeking to do, but not to forget to step back and see how it fits into the WHOLE picture.

What's a recent purchase that has been worth it?
Easy, I recently purchased a WHOOP Strap to track my output and recovery from, well, life. The original intent was to use it to track the impact of lifting and running on my body and, more importantly, how I recover. But this thing has opened my eyes to A LOT more and has helped me adapt a number of my routines to be beneficial to my physical and mental well-being. If you've got questions about WHOOP feel free to let me know!

How about 1 fun thing from the week?
Easy, my Combat Flags Podcast talk/interview with my friend Ben. It posted earlier in the week and the convo was a lot of fun. You can check it out here if you're interested!

Alright, that's it for this week's edition of Just a Few Things. I hope you've been inspired to try something new, read a book, reflect on your week or listen to a new podcast.

Please feel free to drop a comment or email with a thing or two from your week than I can share with others!

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