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Sept. 3, 2021 | Just a Few Things

Sept. 3, 2021 | Just a Few Things

Welcome to this week's edition of Just a Few Things, where I share just a few things from that week that have inspired, motivated, interested or (insert whatever adjective you'd like here) me during that week.

Why do these? Because we often find inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Maybe you'll see something in this week's edition that will spur you to action or maybe you'll be moved to share a thing or two from your week with me!

And if you're thinking... what does this have to do with flags? Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with flags. Combat Flags has always been about more than flags - it's about community, sharing ideas and constant improvement. Unusual, right?

A challenge to you: Choose 1 of the things below and leave your reply in a comment. You never know who you can inspire!

Let's get to it:

I had a call with Stop Soldier Suicide this week...
Stop Soldier Suicide pulled a group of supporters together earlier this week to provide an update on demand for their services since the Afghanistan pull out... and, long story short, Stop Soldier Suicide is in dire need of assistance.
They’ve seen a HUGE increase in requests for care due to what we’ve been seeing occur in Afghanistan. From more than 100 requests for help during the week of Aug. 15 to increases of 90%, 60% and 120% respectively over the last three weekends. Vets are reaching down deep to reach out to Stop Soldier Suicide for help during dark times.
If you have an extra $1, $5, $10, whatever, PLEASE consider making a donation to Stop Soldier Suicide.
Additionally, if you or a loved one want or need assistance, please, please, please reach out to Stop Soldier Suicide. Call (844) 317-1136 or head to
What I'm reading this week
I'm currently reading Tip of the Spear: The Incredible Story of an Injured Green Beret's Return to Battle by Ryan Hendrickson. In full disclosure, I read this book last year when it first launched, but Ryan is coming on the podcast next week and I wanted to brush up on the details.
The story chronicles Ryan's personal and professional journey through 3 branches of the military, including the rigorous phases of training where he earned his Green Beret. And then BOOM. Ryan is injured on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and from there we learn about his recover and extraordinary fight to make it back to the teams and back into the fight.
If you'd like to learn more about the book and Ryan, feel free to check out his website here:
And 1 new thing I'm trying for Combat Flags
I recently (within the last 2 weeks) implemented "SMS Marketing," or texting, for Combat Flags. I've been pretty amazed at how some of my favorite brands communicate via text to share facts, stories and (of course) sales.
So, if you're interested in signing up to receive texts from Combat Flags feel free to either tap the little box that's likely hovering somewhere over your screen or head to this link: TEXT ME
Alright, that's it for this week's edition of Just a Few Things. I hope you've been inspired to try something new, read a book, reflect on your week or listen to a new podcast.
Please feel free to drop a comment or email with a thing or two from your week than I can share with others!
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