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June 30, 2023 | Just a Few Things

June 30, 2023 | Just a Few Things

Welcome to this week's edition of Just a Few Things, where I share just a few things from the week that have inspired, motivated, interested or made me stop and think.

Why does Just a Few Things matter? Because we often find inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Maybe you'll see something in this week's edition that will spur you to action or maybe you'll be moved to share a thing or two from your week with us!

And if you're thinking “wait, what does this have to do with flags?” Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with flags. Combat Flags has always been about more than flags - it's about community, sharing ideas and constant improvement. Let’s get to it.

An interesting read: “Top Corporations Still Slow to Fix Military Spouse Unemployment”
This article discusses the support provided by corporate America to military spouses and suggests that there is room for improvement. It highlights the challenges faced by military spouses in finding stable employment due to frequent relocations and the lack of understanding from employers about the unique circumstances they face. The article concludes by emphasizing the need for greater collaboration between the military, private sector, and policymakers to enhance support programs and create more job opportunities for military spouses.

An observation: Patriotism is still alive and well
I spent all of Wednesday at Flags of Valor HQ in Winchester, VA, working on a video shoot for an upcoming and very exciting partnership. The crew was comprised of folks from all over the country, each from a variety of backgrounds. Even with the difference in location and background, I was amazed to see the positive and emotional responses the crew members had to Flags of Valor, the meaning behind the flags and the respect they found in the service of each of the Vets they talked with.

An interesting listen: What Shared Adversity Can Teach Us w/ Mike Sarraille
This podcast from “Got Your Six with Tony Nash” is an interview with Mike Sarraille, United States Navy SEAL veteran, founder, and CEO of two executive search and talent consulting firms, covers a lot of ground. The episode tackles how finding shared adversity can bring people together and create unbreakable bonds. From brain trust to creating to having emotional intimacy with your colleagues and brothers in and out of the military, shared adversity plays a huge role in the quality of your life.

Alright, that's it for this week's edition of Just a Few Things. I hope you've been inspired to try something new, read a book, reflect on your week or listen to a new podcast.

Please feel free to drop a comment or email with a thing or two from your week that I can share with others!

Have a good one!


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