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Our call to service brought us here

About Combat Flags

Giving Back

More than $125,000 donated to Stop Soldier Suicide

Making a Difference

Donations have provided more than 62 Veterans with life-changing support

Employing Veterans

Our team is made up of 9 Veterans and 2 Military Spouses

Our mission is

to connect veterans and give back in a meaningful way. We do this by crafting American made flags & goods either from, or inspired by, the military uniforms worn by those who protect and serve the Constitution of the United States America.

The Founder

Dan Berei

Dan Berei

Throughout childhood and into adulthood Dan had a strong calling to serve something bigger. After enlisting in the Army at age 17, Dan specialized in Psychological Operations, graduated Airborne School, graduated a 9-month language program at the Special Warfare Training Center and deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines.

After ETSing from the Army, Dan found himself directionless after graduating college and beginning a corporate career. Through trial and error - and during a mundane conference call - Dan had the idea for Combat Flags and launched the company a few months later in 2017. Though his time in uniform ended, Dan's new mission provides purpose in a new and impactful way.

Our Impact

Through our commitment to give back in a meaningful way, we've donated more than $125,000 to Stop Soldier Suicide, which has provided more than 62 veterans with life-changing support through the programs and mentorship provided by Stop Soldier Suicide.

Partnering for Change

Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor

Combat Flags joined the Flags of Valor family in 2023. Both brands are committed to helping all veterans thrive in life after military service while sharing American values and ideals with this generation and the next.

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