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012: Christof Ambrosch

012: Christof Ambrosch



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In this episode I talk with Christof Ambrosch, a veteran of the United States Army. Christof grew up in Pennsylvania where he developed an early love of music. Enter 9/11 and a then 15-year-old Christof had a glimpse of what his future would hold.

From lifelong lessons taught by his parents, to lessons learned on a deployment to Afghanistan, Christof doesn’t hold back. 

Most importantly, Christof shares the trials and tribulations from his journey back from deployment and out of the military. 


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Christof Ambrosch - May 18, 2021

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to have this conversation with you, especially after listening to the other fantastic stories that have been shared on your podcast. I may never claim to be an expert on anything or know what to do, but I can definitely share what not to do based on many failures I have had throughout my life. Seeing and hearing what you are doing for the community is a fantastic thing and if I get to be a very small part of that, then I am grateful. Looking forward to more conversations in the future!

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