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019: Scott Leeper

019: Scott Leeper



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Meet Scott Leeper. Scott is a former Marine (are Marines are former Marines? Once a Marine, always a Marine, right?). Scott joined up just before 9/11 and was at range week during Marine Corps Boot Camp when the planes hit.

Scott went on to deploy twice to Iraq as a Marine, once during the initial invasion and later again in 2006.

Following an other-than-honorable discharge, Scott found the structure and purpose he felt in the Corps suddenly removed. After a considerable amount of time bouncing from job to job, Scott found his renewed mission and passion: helping veterans reclaim their purpose and find renewed hope in the future.

Today Scott is the founder of a nonprofit and life coach. Through these endeavors, Scott works with veterans to augment treatment with/through the VA using a technique known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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