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024: Johnny Slicks Raushi

024: Johnny Slicks Raushi


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In this episode of the Combat Flags Podcast I talk with Johnny Raushi, Marine Corps veteran and founder of Johnny Slicks.

Johnny Slicks was born John Raushi in Dec. of 1993 in NJ. He joined the Marine Corps at 18 as an Armorer and spent 4 years in active duty. In 2013, he married his high school sweetheart, Rebecca, and together they moved to Camp Lejeune, NC.

John’s first unit was with CLB-2 where he adopted his first leadership traits. He then deployed with 2/2 on the BSRF-14. In 2015, he required serious knee surgery and during his recovery, he received orders to report to 10th Reg where he spent the remainder of his enlistment.

In 2016, he saw his hair was thinning. He started looking at ingredients in the products he was using. After reading their lists of chemicals, he decided these products have to go.

During his last year active, he decided to become a barber. He found he was more interested in researching ingredients and their purpose than cutting hair. He left barber school to pursue his interest in crafting grooming products with only organic ingredients.

He found that formula creating was very costly and to purchase supplies, they started selling their plasma. After countless of failed attempts for a formula, he was finding it difficult to continue. But John finally finished The Organic Oil Based Pomade formula in June of 2017.

In January of 2018, John and Rebecca found Nick and Ali Koumalatsos and gave them some products to try. On January 24th, just 6 days later, Nick called Johnny to discuss partnering. And March 6th, 2018, Johnny Slicks Inc. was officially launched.

Johnny Slicks took off and became a 6 figure business in 1 year. That same year, 2018, Johnny began to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, which he would later obtain in December of 2020. With just over 2 years of operating time, on April 24th, 2020, Johnny Slicks had officially become a 7 figure business.

Today, Johnny Slicks takes stance by sourcing only American Made to show support for the American people.

John is also very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting, weight training, and getting outdoors. His creative outlets include; photography, writing, painting, and theoretical science. He chooses to never stop asking questions.

Check Johnny and Johnny Slicks out here:




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