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After talking with thousands of people either in person, via email or on social media, these are some of the most commonly asked questions. Have a question? Feel free to shoot us a note over on the Contact page.

Q. Is it true you make flags from duty-worn military fatigues? If so, where can I find it?

A. Yes! This is most definitely true. I started Combat Flags with what I call the Original Combat Flag... and this is the flag made from the duty-worn gear. Original Combat Flags are 4x6 inches and come with a brief story about the Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman who wore the material used to the flag. This is also the item I donate 50% of each sale from to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Click here to see the Original Combat Flag.

Q. How do you get the material to make the Original Combat Flag?

A. In the early days I asked my friends and family who were either serving or had served. When Combat Flags started to grow I would put requests on Facebook and Instagram asking if anyone was interested in parting with old gear. Today people send message daily asking if they can send in their old uniforms for me to turn into Original Combat Flags.

Q. What happens when someone wants to send in old uniforms?

A. It's a simple process. Once someone reaches out about sending in gear I share some details. Long story short, they send them in, provide some information for the story, I do what I do, and boom, Original Combat Flags.

Also, anyone and everyone who sends in gear will always receive 2 flags made out of their material at no cost to them.

Q. How did you decide to donate to Stop Soldier Suicide?

A. I did a lot of research (a lot) and came away feeling the best about Stop Soldier Suicide's program and commitment to the service member. Stop Soldier Suicide stays with the service member for 2 years after the initial point of contact to ensure they address the entire person and their environment, not just the immediate issue. This, to me, is a huge differentiator as it sets them apart as an organization dedicated to helping the entire person, not just the person at that time.

Q. Other than the Original Combat Flag, do you make donations from any other products?

A. You bet! I of course make the 50% donation from the Original Combat Flag and I also donate 10% of the 3x5 and 2x3 camo flags to Stop Soldier Suicide.