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Profile: Scott B.

Profile: Scott B.

Scott B.

Air Force

Master Sergeant


2FOX1 Fuels

Time in Service
23.5 years

Did you deploy?
Yes, 4 times, once to Khamis AB Saudi Arabia with the F117 Stealth and three times to Prince Sultan AB Al Kharj Saudi Arabia

Why did yo join the military?
I wanted to see the world and get an education

What is the single most important lesson you’ve learned while serving?
Be thankful for the little things in life, I've seen way to much in third world countries that I would like to unsee!

What is your most memorable moment or time during your service? Why?
Making top three in rank, I was never a kiss ass or a save ass which made me a little different. When anything went wrong I took the blame and when things went right I gave the to praise to my troops.

How has the military helped you grow personally and professionally?
I learned to take responsibility for the things I did, no one made me do it, it's all on me. Stand up for what is right even when you're alone and always try to put others before yourself.

If you could tell the world anything you want, what would you say? Why?
You may think you are alone and no one cares, but there are people out there that will fight for you. All you have to do is ask and help.

What’s the dumbest / most cliche thing you’ve heard someone say in the military?
It's good enough for military work. We've always done it that way!

Is there anything else you’d like to add that wasn’t previously covered?
I think everyone should do two years and in a third world country so they know what other are doing with out.

If you could go back in time and talk with yourself before you joined, what would you say? Why?
Volunteer for everything, schools, TDY's... anything you can.

If you could tell the average civilian one thing, what would it be? Why?
We [the military] are a family, even though we may be in different services and make fun of each other, we will lay our life down for each other. It's a choice to serve and until you do, you have no right to complain.

What’s been the most unexpected challenged you’ve faced since leaving the military?
Dealing with non military personal and slowing down when we eat!

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