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Profile: Steve C.

Profile: Steve C.

Steve C.


Spec 5

67N20 (Helicopter Mechanic)

Time in service
2 years 9 months

Did you deploy?
Yes, 2 tours to Vietnam

What inspired you to join the military?
It was either join or get drafted.

What is the most important lesson learned while serving?
Never quit.

What is the most memorable moment during your time in service?
The rescue of a domed helicopter crew. I dead and 3 wounded. Jumped out of my ship into a rice paddy then carried a seriously wounded pilot through the rice paddy under fire to medevac helicopter and had to cross rice paddy again to get back to my ship. The most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done. I knew I would get shot but had to go help.

How has the military helped you grow personally and professionally?
It’s shown me that I will go to any extreme to help the helpless even if it puts my life at risk.

If you could tell the world anything you want, what would you say?
There is always one more thing you can do so don’t quit. It makes you feel good and sets an example that inspires others.

What's the dumbest/most cliche thing you've heard someone say in the military?
"Do you think we'll get shot down?"

What else would you like to add?
There is an appreciation today for what I experienced then. I would do it again.

If you could go back in time and talk with yourself before you joined, what would you say?
I would say get a plan and make the most of the experience. You’ll not regret it.

What’s been the most unexpected challenged you’ve faced since leaving the military?
How much I miss it and the negative impact of not being honored when I got home.

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