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026: Lexi Casiday

026: Lexi Casiday


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In this episode of the Combat Flags Podcast I talk with Lexi Casiday. Lexi is a  Navy Veteran and jiu jitsu athlete. She joined the Navy in 2004 after escaping a verbally and physically abusive relationship and drug addiction. In the Navy, Lexi specialized as a Religious Program Specialist supporting Marines. After leaving the Navy, Lexi went on to again face drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, and PTS from domestic violence and military sexual trauma (MST). 

Today, Lexi is earning her master’s degree for Organizational Leadership, she trains Brazilian jiu jitsu at Combat Base McKinney, TX, under Professor Alan Shebaro, 4th Degree Black Belt under Professor Chris Haueter, and she is working to publish a book of OEF/OIF veteran’s artwork and creative writing. 

You can contact Lexi at:

And you can find Lexi on social media at:

Facebook: Alexis Casiday
Instagram: @Casiday


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Lexi Casiday - October 27, 2021

Thanks so much for having me on! Your support for this project is overwhelming and appreciated.

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